Types of Hair Extensions For Beginners

Types of hair extensions for beginners

For those who are new to the world of buying hair extensions can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Superhairpieces has put together an extensive guide for newbies to help them navigate the process of buying hair extensions online. This guide covers the different kinds of hair extensions available and how to select the right option for your needs.

Clip-in hair extensions

If you’re new to the world of hair extensions, here are some guidelines to remember before you start. Clip the weft’s front. To hide the track and hide the track, backcomb your hair. This will increase the volume of your hair and give it fullness. The lightening of your hair can be used to cover extensions and hide tracks.

Clip-in extensions aren’t difficult to apply , but it will take some time to master the perfect look. Before you clip in your extensions begin by lightly backcombing your hair and apply hairspray to the roots to create a cushion for the clip to rest in. After doing that, begin applying the extensions from the back of your head.

Human hair extensions

Human hair extensions are the most well-known hair extensions. They are more natural than synthetic hair and can be styled just like your hair. Furthermore, human hair can last for many years, sometimes up to a year. Although synthetic hair is less expensive however, it can be damaged and could not last as long as real hair.

Human hair is at its weakest when wet so be cautious when blow-drying your hair extensions. This can damage the tape that holds your extensions to your hair. This can result in tangled hair and pressure on your scalp. To stop hair extensions from being damaged by heat treatments let your hair air dry naturally.

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair extensions don’t contain human hair. Instead, they are composed of polyfilament fibres such as Nylon, modacrylic, or polyester. They can be dyed in various colors and mimic human hair’s texture and style. Synthetic hair is also less expensive than human hair and don’t require as frequent maintenance as human hair.

Synthetic hair can be harmful as well as beneficial. You must ensure that the hair is protected and clean beneath. Synthetic hair is prone to fungus and bacteria So you must be extra careful to wash it thoroughly to keep it from causing damage to the hair you have naturally. Fungus can cause hair loss irritation, inflammation, and scalp inflammation. Utilizing a cleanser regularly can help reduce the chance of damaging your hair’s natural.

Hair extensions that are taped in

If you’re looking to give their hair a full, voluminous look tape-in hair extensions are a great choice. They are available in both synthetic and human material. It involves gluing two strips of hair extension material onto natural hair and sandwiching the hair in a small amount between them. The best part of extensions is that you do not need to use heating, which can harm your natural hair strands.

It is essential to first ensure that your hair is dry. This is best achieved by washing your hair before bed. Dry hair is easier to adhere to and will eventually fall out. After washing your hair, divide hair into sections so you can work in a hurry. After you’ve divided your hair into manageable sections, lift a small section and put the hair piece on top of it. The piece should sit about 3-4mm away from the scalp. Once the piece is secured, apply the new tape to extend it. It should remain in place for no more than 48 hours.


Microbead extensions are a great option due to their ease to install and won’t shift once they’re put in. They also last longer of time than other types of hair extensions. You can also reuse them so you can play with different styles and colours. Microbeads are also available in a variety of color shades, which means that you can create a distinctive look every time you wear them.

Before you begin, you’ll need to thoroughly wash your hair and separate the strands. Then, secure the top layer of hair using clip. This will allow access to the strands below. After that, pull the needle through the tube and into the hair. The pliers will be used to attach the microbeads.

Hair extensions made of Fusion

Hair extensions made of Fusion are a great choice if you are looking to improve your appearance. These extensions are made up of individual strands of keratin-tipped hair that are joined to the hair’s root by a process of heat-activated bonding. The hair strands are then made to look and feel exactly like your hair. Keratin bonds last between three and six months, but you can extend the duration by following proper maintenance and care guidelines.

Fusion hair extensions can be applied and removed easily, but it is best to hire professional help. The extensions and hair could be damaged if you choose to use stylists who are not licensed or professional. If you feel confident with your abilities, you might be competent to apply extensions yourself with assistance of a professional.

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