How to Use Tape in Hair Extensions

tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions can be a very good solution for anyone who wants to look nicer for a special occasion, but isn’t sure how to go about it. While you can purchase a tape in hair extension kit at any store, you should also take some time to learn about the different methods and techniques that are available to you. This way, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of the process.


Tape in hair extensions are an ideal choice for people with thin hair. They are also easy to apply and remove. However, they require a lot of care.

First, make sure that your hair is clean. The best way to achieve this is to use a clarifying shampoo twice. This will help the adhesive stay firmly in place.

You can then apply the extensions in thin sections. For example, one row should be about 1 inch above the ground. Next, place another row about an inch above the first row. These thin layers of tape will ensure that the adhesive sticks to each other firmly.

To avoid breakage, be sure to keep the hair away from the tape. You can also use a shower cap to protect the hair.

Once the tape is in place, you can begin styling. This can take a bit longer than you might expect. A flat iron works well for this, but you should be careful to protect the adhesive from heat.

You may want to wait to use a hair dryer. Heat can melt the adhesive and damage the tape. In addition, the tape can slip. If you do use a hair dryer, be sure to use a sulfate-free product to prevent slipping.

To make sure your tape in hair extensions are looking their best, you should brush them at least twice a day. This is especially important if you have natural hair, because it will be more prone to tangles. Brushing your tape-ins will also help them to last longer.

Finally, protect your tape-ins from chemicals by using a swim cap. Chemical products like bleach and dye can damage them.


When it comes to removing tape in hair extensions, there are many options to choose from. You can go to the salon with a stylist, use a special remover, or do it yourself. However, it’s best to consult a professional if you have never tried this procedure before.

The first and most obvious step is to make sure that your hair is clean and dry. This will make the removal process easier. If your extensions are stuck to your scalp, it’s best to comb out your hair to prevent matting.

Next, you will need to apply some sort of oil to your hair. Some types of oils include olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil. Oil can soften and disintegrate the adhesive. It’s also a good idea to add some shine to your hair.

Once you’ve applied the oil, it’s time to rinse. Then, you can apply a conditioner to your hair. Doing so will help to break up the tape and reapply it easily.

Another good trick is to put the oil on a shower cap and leave it on for an hour. A blow dryer can speed up this process as well.

You can also use a pintail comb to remove the glue. It is a little more difficult to do this at home, though. Using a razor blade can also be helpful.

You can also try applying a gel remover. Gel removers are made from glycerin and isopropyl alcohol. This will dissolve the glue and will make it easy to remove the tape.

If you’re not sure how to do it yourself, you may want to ask a friend or master stylist to do it for you. They’ll be able to give you an estimated time frame for the job and can offer advice on how to do it right.


If you have purchased tape in hair extensions, you may have wondered how to wash them properly. This guide will provide you with the proper steps to follow to ensure that your tape in hair extensions remain in good shape for as long as possible.

The first step you should take when washing tape in hair extensions is to remove any tangles. You will want to use a wide-tooth comb to do this. Start at the bottom of the extension and work your way up, using a gentle motion from left to right. Avoid rubbing vigorously and flipping the hair upside down, as this will cause further tangling.

When you’re ready to wash your extensions, be sure to use a mild shampoo. Do not use an oily shampoo because this will only cause your tape in hair extensions to break.

It’s also important to avoid applying conditioner to your roots, as this can weaken the adhesive bonds. For best results, you should apply your conditioner to your midshaft and ends only.

After washing, use a leave-in conditioner to add shine and moisture to your hair. Be careful not to use sulfate or silicone products as these can damage your extensions.

It is also important to remember to avoid styling your hair with excessive heat. Heat can cause your tape in hair extensions to fall out early, causing you to replace them much more often.

Wait at least 48 hours before reapplying your hair. This allows your adhesive to fully set before washing your hair again.

Be sure to use a shower cap in the first few days, as excessive sweat can shorten the life of your tape in hair extensions. A silk pillowcase can also help to manage your hair.


If you want to retape your hair extensions, you’ll need to have a bit of patience. There are several steps to follow before you can get the job done.

First, you need to clean your hair and apply a clarifying shampoo. This is important because oils can cause your bondings to break.

Second, you need to remove the old tape. You can do this with a remover or with a nail. Make sure the adhesive is completely removed before you start retaping.

Third, you’ll need a bit of spare tape to retape your extensions. You can buy a pack of pre-made tape tabs or you can purchase a roll. Be careful to place the new tab on the same side of the old tab.

Fourth, you’ll need a little bit of luck. Some companies have special chemistry for easy re-taping.

Fifth, you’ll need a little bit more time than your average salon appointment. Re-taping can take a few hours. In fact, some clients need to be scheduled for a move-up appointment, which may last three hours or longer.

Finally, you’ll need to use a heat protectant. Heat styling can damage the bonds in your hair extensions. A good heat protector is your best friend.

Lastly, you need to remember that your extensions will need to be cleaned. You can also reuse your extensions, but you’ll need a fresh set of refills for your bondings.

Depending on your lifestyle and how you maintain your hair, your extensions may last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. To extend the life of your hair extensions, you’ll need to re-tape them at least once a year.


Purchasing tape in hair extensions is a great way to add length and thickness to your hair. They are also affordable, and can be used for up to a year. With proper care, tape in extensions will last a long time.

Tape in hair extensions are usually made of thin, flat wefts of hair. They are attached to a double-sided keratin tape. The adhesive is strong and medical-grade. But be aware that they can damage your natural hair if they are not applied properly.

The cost of tape in hair extensions will vary depending on the hair you buy and your stylist. A full head can range from $1500 to $3,000, and a partial head can be $150 to $300. In addition, the length of the extensions will affect the price. Shorter extensions are less expensive than longer ones.

Some salons only charge for the initial installation. Others offer maintenance visits. Maintenance visits are about half of the initial cost. When you go for a maintenance appointment, your stylist will brush out and reposition your extensions to match your natural hair growth.

You should also note if the price includes the color and styling services. For example, a full set of tape in hair extensions may cost $450, while highlights and lowlights may cost extra.

The cost of tape in hair extensions depends on the type of hair you choose, the length, the quality, and the amount of strands you need. Also, the salon you choose should be able to give you a good idea of the average price.

Choosing the best quality tape in hair extensions will help you avoid problems with the extensions, like breakage, bald spots, and traction alopecia. It is important to get the extension installed by an experienced stylist.

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